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Frissítve: 2019. júl 15.

Say: [əˌɹɔːɹ.ə ˈbɔːɹ.i.æl.ɪs]

winter wedding concept Nora Sarman x The Wedding Fox
Imagine being surrounded by the still, snow covered green pine trees.

The only noise comes from the gentle wind playing, from the forest behind you.

The lightheadedness of summer is long gone. The deep blue sky above you is hazily dotted with millions of stars.

amazing vintage wedding venue | Sorg Villa

Last golden rays of the day hit in, before...

artsy Rienne headpiece and earrings

greenish blue waves of light flash through.

fine-art winter wedding inspiration by The Wedding Fox

aurora borealis brides in Nora Sarman creations

the winter bride

Ethereal and true women,

who know what they love and what they choose for their wedding day.

You love winter but your heart is warm, because...

Love is what makes your winter warmer.

love is...what makes your winter warmer

Winter brides don’t necessarily go with the flow, they are the flow.

winter wedding decor ideas

Winter brides, you are truly outstanding!
winter wedding make-up ideas by The Wedding Fox

You are magical and elegant.

And I bet you love clean lines and opulent minimalism.

And you set your standards high and love quality details, aren't you?

You are in the right place, right now!

We’d like to show you, winter is not just the season of grey skies, but it can serve as the perfect sleek canvas for your subtly elegant wedding day.

Look through and let yourself be inspired!

fineart wedding photography by The Wedding Fox

PHOTO: The Wedding Fox

DECORATION: Blush Wedding Decor

MAKE-UP: Szlameniczky Zita

HAIR: Hajda Nóra


SHOES: Heels-Baldowski esküvöi és alkalmi cipö

PLATES: La Mesa Event Rental

VENUE: Amber Bride

BRIDES: Móni Trogmayer, Dóra Vidacs, Rebeka Doszpoth

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