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Frissítve: 2018. nov 4.

In april on the way to Netherlands I was crossing Belgium and shortly stopped by in Antwerp for a very special couple shoot. I met with Tanuja and Santosh for a photo session. As always, I asked them to tell me their story in a nutshell and I have to tell you, that will be a nice script for recording a real Bollywood movie from. Got teased by now?

After years of dating Tanuja and Santosh met via an online app. During their first meeting it revealed that they have been living one street away for years and also had some common friends but the never were introduced to each other. I believe there are paths in our life which we can't miss.

couple photoshoot on the streets of Antwerp at Antwerpen Centraal

It was so uplifting to see how much Santosh loves and respects Tanuja as his wife.

Their love was really inspiring to me. I will alwas remember you guys! Take care!

See U next time in Antwerpen!

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