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{to marry Isabel}- story of a spanish bride

Frissítve: 2019. máj. 22.

Wedding Photographer Barelona took timeless bridal portrait | The Wedding Fox
timeless love story from Barcelona told by The Wedding Fox

Think love and sorrow along the lines of Romeo-Juliet or other iconic love stories. The legend of the Teruel lovers dates back to the 13th century, when Isabel and Diego, both coming from wealthy families, fell in love and wanted to marry. However, unfortunate events caused Diego’s family to lose their money and Isabel’s father refused to let his daughter marry him. Diego asked her father for five years in which he would make his fortune and return to marry Isabel. No one heard of him for the next five years, and on the day of the completion of the agreed period, Isabel’s father married her to someone else.

In a twisted turn, right after the wedding ceremony, Diego was seen returning to the city with lots of wealth and riches. He was heartbroken to see the love of his life being married to someone else and could not bear the thought of their separation. Later at night he sneaked into her bedroom and asked her to kiss him, as he was dying. Isabel refused to do so, as she did not want to deceive her husband. Diego died right next to her bed, leaving her in a shocked state. The next day she went to his funeral in her wedding dress and proceeded to kiss him one last time. However, she died right there, next to his body.

The villagers decided to bury them side by side, near the church of San Pedro, so that at least in death the lovers could be together. To this day, in February, the city celebrates the love of the couple and represents their story in different ways.


dress: Bálint Sára Bridalwear | @balintsara bride: Irina Birman location: Güel Parl Park, Barcelona, Spain story: photos: The Wedding Fox | @the_wedding_fox

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