All wedding albums are UNIQUE and personally designed to showcase your story.

Wedding album contains the most important or most lovely moments of your big day. Selection is based on aestethic and mood approaches besides focusing family members, happy people and memorable moments of the day. 

Fox-fact: the The Wedding Fox albums always end with a funny picture .


The wedding album is printed on matte quality Fuji photo paper. 

The album has tick and quality sheets and pages open completely flat.

Available Covers

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Preserve the Memory!

Albums available for every occasions. Print your pre-wedding shoot images or family series, product images or any kind of photos. It's always a good time to order a qualty album and save your memories in printed form. 

Available Sizes



Canvas covered Fine Art Wedding Album



Canvas covered Fine Art Wedding Album


30.000 Ft

Canvas covered Fine Art Wedding Album


35.000 Ft

Canvas covered Fine Art Wedding Album


40.000 Ft

Canvas covered Fine Art Wedding Album


30.000 Ft

Canvas covered Fine Art Wedding Album


40.000 Ft

Canvas covered Fine Art Wedding Album

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Your Orders Are Welcome

Please send me an e-mail with your desired details: album size, album cover etc.

With all of my perfectionism and experience I build and deliver unique albums with the spice of The Wedding Fox style.
Image order, image size etc will be set by me according to the fine art album design style and trends.  

If you'd like to suggest me some (5-20) of your favourite images for the selection please send me the list via Pixieset otherwise please trust in your artist and give free hand during the album creating process. 

Album designing and printing process usually takes 2-3 weeks, reorders take usually 1-2 weeks what also depending on the schedulde of the press. 

Can't wait to have your orders in my inbox! 

One order can contain one configuration. If you wanna order different sizes (eg. bigger size for you, smaller size for the grandparents) please submit different orders!

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