All wedding albums are UNIQUE and personally designed to showcase your story.

Wedding album contains the most important or most lovely moments of your big day. Selection is based on aestethic and mood approaches besides focusing family members, happy people and memorable moments of the day. 

Fox-fact: the The Wedding Fox albums always end with a funny picture .

The wedding album is printed on matte quality Fuji Photo Paper. 

The album has tick and quality sheets and pages open completely flat.

Albums available for every occasions. Print your pre-wedding shoot images or family series, product images or any kind of photos. It's always a good time to order a qualty album and save your memories in printed form. 

With all of my perfectionism and experience I build and deliver unique albums with the spice of The Wedding Fox style.

You can do the selection for the album via Pixieset. You are allowed to make different selections for different albums. The more pictures you pick the more crowded the result will be. Remember the old saying: Less is more.

In some cases I have to put additional photos into the album if the artist vision and aesthetic purposes call for it. You can also skip image selection and give me free hand during the whole album creating process. 

Image order, image size etc will be set by me according to the fine art album design style and trends.  

Check out the carousel below to see a previously printed album.

An average album contains 30-60 pages. 
Super thick albums with 61-90 pages can be printed for +30% of the price.