Wedding Cinematography

 Creating Memories by Dreamy Cinemtography

The wedding films are entitled to reconstruct the athmosphere of the Big Day by catching movements, small details, emotional looks and the beautiful environment and the happy guests and family.
All of our wedding films based on this approach. 
Shorter wedding films convey the spirit of the event. I kindly remind you it is not a documentary just the essence of the day.
Longer wedding films consist more documentary elements like vows and speaches.

Memories are important to all of us and they become more and more precious by time.
I will immortalize your most important life-event by timeless still or motion pictures. 
Relive them again whenever you want
and timetravel by your high-guality fineart wedding film! 

The Wedding Fox is your Storyteller

Trends and technologies are changing quickly and staying up-to-date is essential in style and gear as well.  The Wedding Fox offers also high quality fineart wedding cinematography service in its gentle, contemporary style. 

Hiring a Professional Wedding Cinematographer is an Investment in Your Memories

Book Gege!

Gege was working for an advertising company through years so he has a lot of experiences in making corporate videos as well. Now he is independent and making lot of different genres. Sideways he was supporting multiple wedding teams. He is professional and works invisible that's how he is capturing the day in a sensitive way. 

Book Nándi!

Nándi mostly interested in fashion and lifestyle filming. Also creating commercial spots. He has an calm but energetic attitude, he will be the most hipster guy of your wedding.

 Wedding Cinematographer Packages:

3-5 minutes long "Mood" wedding film

8-10 minutes "Essence" wedding film

15-20 minutes "All-In" wedding film

1-1,5 minutes "Bonus" wedding film

Second Cinematographer


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